Carriage Cleaners & Laundry

Price List

Laundered Shirts: $2.00

Only men's cotton button down (right side) work shirts can be laundered, steam iron stamp pressed and put on hanger due to this process causing wear and tear on shirts overtime. [Tears and rips can occur due to thin and worn down fibers.]

Boxed shirts: $3.00

Laundered, steam iron pressed, folded then individually bagged. [Extremely convenient for frequent flyers.]

Wash & Fold: $2/lb ($15 min)

Each wash & fold is washed separately, folded, and returned in bags.

Household Items: 2 days turn around

For longevity of colors and fibers, all sheets are dry cleaned, steam pressed by hand then hung on hangers.

Bed Sheets*

Starting at $20, prices vary by size.


Starting at $30, prices vary by size.

*[$5 additional charge for down feathers. After dry cleaning, down feather containing sheets or covers are folded and placed inside large breathable bags for long term storage.]

Dry Clean: Starting at $5.99*

All dry cleaned garments are steam pressed by hand then hung on hangers.

*Upcharges apply to fabrics that are beaded, delicate garments, silk, cashmere and fine wool.


Expert seamstress with over 30 years experience. If she can't do it, nobody can! All alterations are steam pressed after being completed so they can be worn immediately. [We highly recommend dry cleaning all new garments before use]


Expert cobbler with over 40 years experience. If they can't fix it, nobody can!

*For specialty items such as carpets, leather garments, purses, wedding gowns, etc. We will call you with a price after examination to confirm the cost before proceeding. For any questions, comments, or quotes please call us at (770) 955-2343 or email us at